Sand and debris may be clogging your lines. the first question to ask is where this problem is occurring: in an individual fixture, a single room, or in the whole house?


Faucet – check your aerators for sand and minerals… clean if necessary.

Shower – remove shower head from arm and remove sand, etc.

Area of House – see the repair section below.


Faucet- there may be sand in the line leading to the faucet. Disconnect line and test to see if line has clogged. If clogged, replace supply line. If not, call us.

Shower- with the shower head removed, turn on the shower. If there is no flow of hot water, there might be debris clogging the valve and will need to have us test further down the line.

Area of house – there is probably blockage in main lines leading to the area of the house with the problem. This may need to be back flushed or replaced if necessary.


Check your aerators often. If sand is an ongoing problem, filters can be installed at the house main line to help prevent sand from entering the home’s plumbing system.