There are multiple issues that can occur to cause this issue, sometimes simultaneously.

  1. The wax seal under the toilet has broken. There are many causes, but the solution is to pull the toilet and reset it.  See our how-to guide for tips on setting a toilet properly.
  2. Together with a broken seal, the sewer main may be clogged. If you pull the toilet and the pipe is full of water, it is time to have the main serviced.  (Leaving the toilet loose until we arrive will reduce the cost of your service call).  Call us at 255-1964 to make an appointment.
  3. Sometimes the water you see at the bottom may be misleading. One of the cardinal rules of plumbing is that water runs downhill.  Check the bolts around the tank to see if they are dripping.  If there is water between the tank and the bowl, see our how-to guide for tips on rebuilding a toilet.